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I was working to this one library about a year ago. It was great and everyone loved me and i loved everyone. They promised a job for me if they had a job open. Month ago they had a job open. They didnt pick me. 

It was my last change. So naturally I am very sad and dissapointed. Depression getting on me. Im getting low on money and all my motivation.. will to live is gone. Of course Im going on for people around me but my heart and soul isnt in it. 

And this blog is about happiness. It does give me happiness to write or upload here ^^ but to start writing or uploading has become difficult. 

So i am deeply sorry if my uploading is a bit weird and not on time. Now you know why.

Love you and have a great day ❤



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  1. I understand how it feels – the same thing has happened to me a couple of times. It really is devastating. Try to hang in there – sometimes these things don’t work out because there’s something else for you just around the corner xx

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