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Beautiful day

The boy walked through the park. Leaves sang on the trees and the sun shone between the branches. It was beautiful and calm spring day. He was supposed to be busy at work, earn money for the future. There was an old bench at the riverside and the boy sighed while sitting down on it. The sun was warming him and a gentle breeze flowed through his hair. Few ducks were lazily floating on the river.

The boy knew that he would get yelled tomorrow at work, maybe even get some overwork. He didn’t care. This was his time.

Time. He didn’t have time. All his time went to the other people. Not that he didn’t like helping other people, hanging out with family and friends, but sometimes you need to stop and be alone. And for that he didn’t have time. To relax and let go. And this was ideal day for it.

The boy sat on the bench, day dreaming, till the evening chill started to creep up on him. Ducks had swum away and the sun was setting, painting the sky in deep orange. It was quiet and river was almost still. The boy got up and turned to walk home. It had been a perfect day.

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