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Once upon a time there was tiny green goblin. He lived in a huge mushroom near the forest river. The goblin had a nice yellow jacket and shining black boots. He had huge floppy ears and big hook like nose. 

Every day at the dawn, the goblin got up from his fluffy bed, put on his slippers and tapped downstairs. In the kitchen the tiny goblin made breakfast. Some tea and oatcookies. That will keep him going a whole day.

 After eating and yawning a lot, the goblin puts on his jacket and pretty boots. Opens the door and steps outside to the morning sun. Big ears flabbing in the gentle spring wind. The goblin starts walking towards a small town on the otherside of the river. There was a lot of socks to steal and keys to hide.

 Every step the goblin was feeling more awake and more mischievous. Maybe today he would even stuff few pens behind the couch. ❤