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Lazy day vol 2


Im having a lazy day and I have to research goblings today 🙂

So here is one of my old stories, not so happy but.. made for my love :*


Once upon a time there was a little girl. She was just an ordinary child with a wild imagination. Everyday she would play at the flower field, sun or rain. Little birds and butterflies as her friends. One beautiful sunny day, her mean and greedy father decided to sell the little girl to the Underworld. Big burly men came and took the girl from her flowers and threw her to the dark tunnels. The little girl was terrified of the darkness that drowned her. She ran. Escaped many horrifying monsters and painful deaths. At last she found a dark corner. Quickly the little girl crawled to the corner and curled up in a ball. There she sat, afraid and alone, what felt hundreds of years, until one day she heard sniffling. Little girl raised her head from her knees and stared at the darkness around her. Where did the sound come from? Was it just some monster trying to lure her away from the corner? The crying continued and very carefully the little girl slipped from her corner to investigate. After awhile she bumped into something. The something let a little yell and tried to scurry away from the girl. She gently took hold of the things hand and started to hum a little songs she remembered from her days in the field. The mysterious thing calmed down and started to scratch something together. Before the little girl could ask what the thing was doing, there was a flash of light. Little boy held a small flame in his hands. For a second they stared at each other in silent wonder. The flame burned the little boy and he had to put it out. The darkness fell over them again, but this time it didn’t reach their hearts. Little girl was still holding his hand, and guided the boy in to the dark corner. They fit to the corner like it was made for them. Underworld was still around them but now they weren’t facing it alone.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day 😀