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LDR – Long Distance Relationship


I am in a long distance relationship, hopefully not many years anymore 🙂

When your other half lives so far away, that you cant see each other for months, it strains the relationship. Trust, respect, love and patience becomes the most important things, that will carry you till you have the opportunity to end the distance ^^ Of course these things are important in all the relationships.. but more so on ldr.


It is very easy to misunderstand things when you cant see each others facial expressions. And it is easier to talk face to face than through calls and texts. If you get angry or frustrated, closing your phone and walking away is easy too.

Missing your love one is also a big problem. Both of you have life of your own and sometimes it eats the time you have for each other. Balancing ldr, family, hobbies, work and friends is very difficult.


Concentrating on good times and on the visits is a good way to keep the frustrations away. Day dream about your first meeting and plan on the next trip ❤

In the end everything is worth it. And if my sweetie is reading this.. HI! 😉

Have a lovely spring day you all