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Today I thought to write a little about depression. Ive had depression for many years.. 8 years now.. 6 with a diagnosis. I have been thrown around many different nurses and doctors.. I have small pills to keep the depression away.. they are not very strong ones.. but still.

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Before I was very creative and my mind was always running, a little too much. I could listen to a teacher, draw and listen to music, all at the same time and I could pay attention to all of them. Now a days its is a struggle to follow a normal conversations. I think it is because of the pills. And I have been more or less unemployed for a 7 months now. That is never good for me.

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I describe it with colours.. in the past I could see bright colours  shining around me, of course I also had blackest darkness following me and sometimes covering up the beautiful colours. After I started to take the pills.. remember that they arent even strong pills.. they made my life a dull grey goo. They took away the darkness.. but also the colours.

I have taken my pills every other day now.. and reducing it safely more and more.. and I think I can see the colours starting to seep back in to my life ^^

Of course if you have similar situation always talk to your nurse or your doctor about it before changing your medication.

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Anyways.. I lost my train of thought.. rambling.. 😀

It is spring and I wish all of you amazing times ❤


P.S. If someone wants to talk to me about depression, problems or anything really just contact me on my email ^^ I will listen and help best I can.

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