I was traveling today ^^ To my aunts place in Jyväskylä.

I left at 7.30 from my house and I took a train to Helsinki (capital of Finland). There short walk to Kamppi shopping mall and there a buss to the Jyväskylä. Which is about middle of Finland.. well.. lower than middle.. anyways 3.5 hour buss drive ^^ luckily I got amazing seat, second floor right at the front.. my view was amazing.. I took few photos for you through the dirty class xD

Jyväskylä must be one of my favorite places.. it has so many things.. architecture, culture, art, weird things.. city and after few steps nature ❤ anyways here just few pics I took from our walk to aunts house ^^ 

My aunts house is my dream house.. small oldish but beautiful. She has renovated it and decorated it ❤ Here is few pictures of the house.. ^^ 

Anyways Im gonna be here till sunday so theres much more photos of Jyväskylä to come xD 

Thank you and have a lovely day