My tattoos


Its  my first day in a new job and im leaving to work soon so this post is gonna be just my tattoos^^

My first tattoo is the scorpion. Mom bought it for me when i was 16. And i wanted it cos my horoscope is scorpio.. not that i believe or not to the horoscopes but.. yes..Scorpion reflects me.

2016-06-07 21.15.28

Second and third tattoo i took at the same time when i was 17. The rose on my wrist have saved my life. I have a depression and dark thoughts. The rose reminds me of the good things in life and keeps me on the right path. Supernatural tattoo on my ankle is protecting me from demons and bad spirits and all the bad thing.. and i like the tv show too xD

fourth tattoo is a peacock on my right side.. i was 19 i think. That i took cos i think peacocks are beautiful and majestic and.. im not xD so i wanted a reminder that.. idk really.. I like it šŸ˜› Im not gonna show you this tattoo cos it goes from my boob to my hip.. and thats something you dont need to see xD

oh god.. so many tattoos.. fifth tattoo is the crow and moon on my upper left arm.. I love crows and night and moon.. i have more reasons but.. they are more personal :*

2016-06-07 21.15.46

next one is the small bird on my shoulder.. me and my mom both took the same one on the same place.. we are not good with words and we rarely say i love you or show any kind of love.. so we decided to show it somehow and having the same tattoo is wonderful way to do that.

2016-06-07 21.14.59

Last and the seventh tattoo is the roses and the clock on my right forearm. The clock has my birthtime and i can add my maybe future childs time there too if i so wish.. and names too on the clocks lit.. but.. anyways.. i am super shy and i dont like to try new things so.. it reminds me that i have limited time to exsperiense  this world and all the wonderful things in it. 


Now I have to run but thanks for stopping by and very lovely day to you