I visited my near by flower store ^^  Here is photos of all the things I wanted to buy and lastly the flower I bought šŸ˜€

Few of the flowers are fake flowers, but I have no idea which ones xD Sorry about that.

I wanted all of them ā¤ I am famous for killing plants so maybe it was good for them that I didnt buy  them xD

And now the flower I did buy:

2017-03-19 13.49.49

Huge photo :O Anyone know how I could make it smaller?

Anyways.. we usually have yellow flowers in the Spring so we decided to be wild and get orange one šŸ˜€

OH! Almost forgot.. we saw a pheasant! He was just chilling on top of some fence. Didnt care that I “sneaked” closer to take a photo ^^ Badass bird


Have a lovely day :*